Hello! Welcome to my standard ‘welcome to my blog’ post.

As someone with a love of writing and a lot of opinions on all manner of things, creating a blog was long overdue. This will mainly be somewhere to collect my thoughts, make my dumb jokes that no one will laugh at, and show off my pets.

Expect to see:

Books. Lots of them. I’ll hopefully be starting a book club from home in the new year and plan to document it here. Cross your fingers for me that everything goes to plan.
Ferrets. I have them. I volunteer with them. I love them.
Cats. Same as above really.
Pizza and coffee. I have a very real problem with both of these substances and try as I might I can’t give them up.
Feminism. I don’t plan to preach, but I am a feminist and I love women, and I love books/TV shows/movies that allow me to open feminist dialogue.
Fandom. After a couple of years of trying to silence my inner fangirl and be an “adult”, I’ve finally given in and embraced the 14 year old I secretly am. Embrace the fangirl, embrace the fandoms. Everything from Mass Effect to Pretty Little Liars to Pride and Prejudice.
– Did I mention coffee?

Anyway, this picture is a pretty good summary.


See you soon!
– The Thoughtful Ferret


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